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    IRC Nick:
    MsAloHa33, LadySAM33
    Name :
    JuliettePatrice E. Chua
    E-mail add:
    Homepage Url:
    Snail Mail address:
    Stockton, California 
    November 04,1965
    Social Worker / Mental Health Worker I
    Hobbies :
    Tennis / Racquet ball
    Favorite IRC channels
    Messages/Other info:
    She will be organizing an EYEBALL '99 this coming Holy Week Year 1999 at the BUCAS GRANDE ISLAND. It's a camping style trip. E-mail here at for mailing list purposes......will be informing attendees ahead of time. A dinner will be held too a night before the trip. Accomodation is included with a fee which will be imposed later. Please prepare your pockets....... : )