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In The Beginning there was no Philippines but there was BUTUAN

It is of record that Cebu was "discovered" by Magellan on April 07,1521 while Manila was seen by Western eyes only in 1572. Butuan was mentioned twelve (12) times in ANTONIO PIGAFETTA'S CHRONICLE of exploration of MAGELLAN who come asshore on March 28,1521 and celebrated the First Easter Mass in the Philippines on March 31,1521.

Located at the Northeastern part of Agusan Valley sprawling across Agusan River in the Island of Mindanao here in the Philippines it is strategically located at the center of the CARAGA ADMINISTRATIVE REGION XIII. This makes the City the natural growth center of the area and affirms its role as an Industrial center in agri-aqua-forestry processing of the Agusan River Basin by the year 2000.

With this vision, officials of the Butuan City Government are encouraging preferred investments Into this fast-growing center of the Northeastern Mindanao. Investors who decide to do business in Butuan City, by either putting-up a new enterprise, expanding or diversifying existing businesses can now expect to enjoy Local Tax Holiday Incentives or Tax Exemption Privileges, under SP Ordinance 2075-96.

Butuan City is known for its colorful History and culture. BUTUAN is believed to have originated from sour fruit "Batuan". Others opined, it came from a certain "Datu Buntuan", a chieftain who once ruled Butuan. Scholars believed, it came from the word "But-an", which literally means a person who has a sound and discerning disposition. Whichever theories appear credible depends on the kind of people residing in Butuan, for whatever is said about them, Butuan continues to live on.

Butuan's History, culture, arts, and people date back to the 4th Century as showcased in museums and festivals, makes Butuan as exciting source of cultural artifacts in Mindanao.

As early as the 10th century, according to the Chinese Soong Shi (history), people from Butuan had already established trading relations with the kingdom of Champa in what is now South Vietnam. Later the Butuanons came to China contrary to long-held belief it was the Chinese who came to the Philippines first.

By the 11th century, Butuan was the center of trade and commerce in the Philippines. The best evidence to prove this fact is the discovery of nine BALANGAYS (THE BUTUAN BOAT) and other archaeological finds in the vicinities of Butuan City, particularly in Ambangan,Libertad near the old EL RIO de BUTUAN and MASAO River.

Welcome to a City that has seen over 1,677 years of recorded history! The original site of the First Easter Mass in Philippine Soil. Here, the present nurtures the past and vice-versa. While the future waits promisingly in the wings. Madyaw nga Pagkani

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