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IRC NICK: Mr_Steel
Birthday: December 25, 1977
Age: 21
Hobbies: Drawing, Music
Food: Chicken
Profession: Registered Nurse
Languages: Filipino, English, Little Chinese and French

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Hi! I'm Pat. thanks for browsing my page! anyway, I am very thankful enough on your generous support to give my page a little attention.

Dear Reader,

I started drawing when I was ?? yrs. old because I don't remember. My parents, who where the most of my inspiration came, praised my works, but complained that I consumed a lot of pens, inks and papers. Well, I remembered one time when mama had to buy me another pad of school paper which I was suppose to do some homework. It just happened that it got filled up with drawings. I learned to love art because of my sister, Theresa, who did had a lot of artworks. Anyway, my cool starts really started with animation stuffs and other cartoons. When I watch cartoons, I wonder how they're made, not on how the story really goes.

My first beginnings with Reynan Tan, was when I was in Grade five. Anyway at that moment, Reynan and i started out a good work wherein we found it enjoyable and sharing.

Aside from just basically drawing, I also found out the good side of Music. My interest in Reynan's influence to let me play the guitar inspired me to learn all the musical instruments, from pianos, guitars and drums. I can't live a week not being able to play the piano. I love Workstations and Synths! I play the keyboards for the LORD! I love to sing too. I'm a Jars of Clay fan. I also love alternative music. I always find my way to play the piano even once a week as enough. I also wanted to open up trainings for playing music by ear or OIDO. I don't know how to share it, but someday, I'll try it more. Just like now with EKIT, I don't really expect that everybody understands.

I didn't just leave myself fully out from some nice interests and talents. I found this limb to be God's gift. It can play music, it can make people laugh. In my nursing life as a student, I wanted my classmates and the faculty to enjoy my work.

I love comics and I love making it. I like to make comics that has humor on it. I got influences with Gary Larson's "The Far Side" and basically started my cartooning interest from Jim Davis, the creator of Garfield. But best of all, the most outstanding thanks to Jesus Christ, my best talent giver!

So friend, Thanks for being there to read. God Bless!

As Always,
Pat E. Chua