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Surigao del Norte is a mosaic of islands that lies at the rim of the Asian continental shelf. It is perched at the northeastern tip of Mindanao and faces that abysmal canyon known as the Philippine Deep. It is bounded on the north and east by the vast Pacific Ocean, on the south by the Provinces of Agusan del Norte and Surigao del Sur, and on the west by the historic Surigao Strait.

The province has an area of 274,014 hectares of 2,740.14 square kilometers which is roughly equivalent to 9.67 % percent of the total land area of Northern Mindanao. It embraces within its domain 27 municipalities and component city.

Surigao City , the provincial capital is dubbed as the " Gateway to Mindanao". The ferry landing terminal in Lipata links Mindanao to Luzon through Eastern Visayas. It is annually showcases in full regalia its distinct cultural heritage through the " Bonok Bonok Maradjao Karadjao Festival ". A provincial city that offers a respite from the busting metropolitan life.

On the Northeastern side of the province is Siargao and Bucas Grande Islands. These island paradise are famous for their long stretch of sugarfine beaches, perfect surfs, vast mangrove forest, and deep waters teeming with plethora of marine life. A tropical gem that has managed to preserveits beauty through the years.

Dinagat Island ,situated on the northeastern part of the province is a shangrila of adventures. Its enchanting caves, magnificient rock formations and mountain lakes provides a perfect ambience for the thrill seeker and highly-strung individuals. It is also the seat of the greatest and historic Battle of Surigao Strait during World War II and the entry point of the American Liberation forces before the momentous return of Gen. Douglas MacArthur in Leyte.

Mainland Surigao del Norte is a cradle of civilization of the province. The Panhutongan and Amoslog archeological excavations in Placer would give a glimpse of origins of the province and its people.

Such is the image of Surigao del Norte . A montage of history and unspoiled beauty. An untouched eden warmed by smiles of people with unquenching thirst for an exuberant lifestyle.