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Surigao del Norte . THE PEOPLE

The Surigaonon is of rich Malay stock with a sprinkling of Chinese,Japanese and Arab blood. Glints of European and American influences are also evident in the Surigaonon's appearance and culture. With a population of almost 450,000 the lines between stocks can not be accurately distinguished.

The Surigaonons are peace-loving and gentle. It's favorable climate makes them non-temperamental. They have the humor of Visayan, the frugality of Ilocano and other traits which were inherited from their forebears who ventured into this part of the archipelago.

Some 95 % percent speaks Surigaonon as a major dialect. Influences of the Cebuano and Boholano dialects with a Tausug accent can be traced. A few speak Waray and Tagalog. Majority are able to speak English.

Most of the city residents speak Surigaonon tonque which is a mixture of Cebuano dialect. Letter L are pronounced like Y ,and Letter Y are pronounced like J (except for last letter) Like bayay for balay (house) and Sija for Siya (he/she). Commercial /trade names however still retain their original pronounciation.

The people are predominantly Roman Catholic. The rest of the populations are Aglipayans, Protestants and other religions.